About Us

Staff Defence Ltd has been established since 2009, as a training company, which delivers training courses for individuals and companies. The training courses are designed for employees or individuals, who have personal and travel safety needs, when visiting other companies either in the UK or abroad. Some companies require their employees to visit developing countries to provide the necessary support within either a corporate or military infrastructure. Visits to these somewhat hostile environments can result in being confronted by challenging conditions and situations.

Due to the background of our highly-experienced Training Instructors, Staff Defence can provide the most realistic and authentic training required to empower each individual to overcome whichever unfavourable situation arises. Why is this? This is because most of our Instructors  have lived and worked for many years in antagonistic environments. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. Our approach means we always strive to ensure that all of your training needs are met from the moment we first hear from you until the end of each course. On completion of one of our courses, we do ask you to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The Survey enables us to receive desired feedback from our clients and to ensure that we do our job to the best of our abilities at all times.

For your information, Staff Defence is an approved centre for the delivery of  the following courses:-

  • Level 3 Award in Hostile Environment Awareness with ProQual
  • Level 2 and 3 Awards in First Aid with Highfield Qualification
  • Conflict Management Level 2 Award with RQF.

Overview Of Courses

Alongside Personal Safety and Travel Safety courses, Staff Defence’s portfolio of training courses include the following:-

(1). First Aid at Work Courses, which enables employees to become accredited First Aid Responders, trained to save lives, as and when  required.

(2) Conflict Management and CONDO (Contractors on Deployed Operations) Courses.

(3). Many Refresher Courses are available to ensure that you and/or your employees are all kept updated on any changes.

(4). Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.) Level 3 Award course takes place over 3 days. For this specific course, Staff Defence provides daytime refreshments including lunch, all of which are competitively costed into the course. Staff Defence can supply you with details of local hotels, which have agreed a discounted rate when you quote “Staff Defence Heat.”

Staff Defence fully understands that companies have a duty of care towards their employees. This is the reason why we are happy to customise our courses to meet the specific needs of a company or individuals, as and when required. We strongly recommend that you take a look at our Courses page. This page explains in detail what we cover in each course, the price per person, course content, course duration and certification/accreditation.

Why choose Staff Defence to train you?

When you’re concerned about personal safety, or you are travelling overseas as a lone traveller, or as a corporate employee, we believe that you will want to receive the training of the highest standard to help you on your travels. At Staff Defence,  all of our relevant experience is acquired from real world operations in diverse regions throughout the world.

By selecting Staff Defence as your training company, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to deal with any challenging situation. Not only that, you will enjoy peace of mind, and will feel safe and confident when travelling overseas to fragile or hostile locations, whilst also feeling empowered in your daily life.

“It is very satisfying when you can see people after the courses feeling empowered and having a greater level of self-esteem and confidence, which can have a big impact on how they approach life as a whole.”


Our Trainers


Staff Defence instructors are recruited from experienced, real world personnel. Their backgrounds include former Royal Marines Commando, British Army and the UK Emergency Services. Through this range of experience, our Instructors bring exceptional operational skills, all ready to be conveyed to meet your security requirements.

Every Staff Defence Instructor has undergone a vetting process to make sure that we provide only the best Instructors. Part of our assessment includes ensuring each Instructor possesses excellent communication skills. They also need to understand the importance of applying discretion with each Delegate throughout the training.

It is a must that all of our Instructors holds the following qualifications:

  • A recognised Award in Education and Training
  • An Award in Conflict Management Training
  • Hostile Environment Experience
  • First Aid at Work Level 3

Previous Clients

We are a recognised, specialist training company in Level 3 Award in Hostile Environment Awareness Training, Travel Safety, Personal Self Defence and First Aid training.

Our clients include those from the following vertical markets:

  • International Media Corporations
  • Freelance Journalists and Cameramen
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s)
  • Private International security companies
  • Wide range of Corporate clients including Estate Agents, Local Government organisations, Contractors.

Take a look at some of the Testimonials we have received from previous clients:-

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