Staff Defence Ltd reviewed the headline regarding this particular incident, as below:

“Mother injured as she fights back during a Carjacking.”

The above carjacking occurred to a 33 year old mother at a UK shopping centre, while she was waiting for her children to arrive. The predator got into her car and slashed a knife in front of her face, which is when the mother started to fight back and got out of the car. On realising that the carjacker was trying to drive off in her car, she dived in to apply the hand-brake, while grabbing the ignition keys. She was then thrown out of the car, which is when she proceeded to run off across the car park with the carjacker in hot pursuit. The carjacker grabbed the mother by the hair and swung her to the ground, before stealing her car keys. He then made a getaway in the car and left the woman, injured on the ground.

Unfortunately, the incident reported above is not a rare crime in the UK, as these carjacking events are happening all the time. Staff Defence is well aware that carjacking is a violent crime and is also a business to the perpetrator, who may want to acquire the car for the following reasons:-

  • To sell the car overseas
  • To use it for joy-riding
  • To include it as part of another crime

You can be sure that most of the time, the criminals involved in carjacking want your vehicle and are not in the slightest bit interested in you. However, we can never take that for granted, because the last thing any of us want is to be dragged from our car to undergo an assault, rape, kidnapping or even murder.

We realise that the above scenario paints a daunting picture, which is why, at Staff Defence, we have designed a range of courses that teaches us to deal with extreme and very challenging situations with which any one of us can be confronted most unexpectedly at any time within the UK’s modern-day society.


In order to prepare ourselves for the unthinkable, we need to consider the various tactics used by the carjackers, which unfortunately do work and are particularly successful on any of us, who are not situationally aware, as detailed below:-

  1. THE BUMP: The attacker bumps your car from behind, while you are driving. You may then get out to assess the damage and exchange information. This is when your vehicle is taken.
  2. GOOD SAMARITAN: The attacker(s) stage(s) what appears to be an accident on the road ahead. They may even simulate an injury. At this point, you stop to assist and your vehicle is taken.
  3. THE RUSE: The person in the vehicle behind you flashes its light to get your attention. The attacker tries to indicate that there is some kind of problem with your car. You unwittingly pull over and the vehicle is then taken.
  4. FAKE SUMMONS or MONEY: The summons or money is part of the ruse, which is done when you leave your car in a car park. The idea is that you return to your car, and start it when you spot the summons or money on your windscreen. You get out of the car to investigate further, which is when the carjackers strike and take your vehicle.
  5. THE TRAP: Carjacker use the tactic of surveillance to follow you home. They can either strike in your driveway or at a previously known vulnerable point. As you slow down, the attackers drive in front and another attacker pulls up behind to block your car.
  6. WHEN STATIONARY: This is when the carjacker acts violently by charging your car in an effort to overwhelm and overpower you. The other tactic is that the carjackers may position one person with their back to your car door, while the other attacker forces himself into the passenger seat.

At Staff Defence, we teach you to apply certain principles that can mitigate the chances of becoming a victim of carjacking. However, we teach you much more in the way of knowledge and skills that will empower you and give you the confidence you need, when you are out and about during the day and even at night.

It’s very likely that this Blog may have given you food for thought. We certainly hope that it has succeeded in doing so. However, Staff Defence recognises that in order to feel safe, secure and confident, when out on your own at any time, we have only scraped the surface on how best to maintain your personal safety. There is much more that we can teach you to keep you safe.

This is why we suggest that you take a moment to review our Course Outlines to see, which course is the most suitable to give you the assurance and confidence you need to go out and about safely. If you believe that your safety is a priority, then please set aside a few moments to take a look, as below:-

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