Cash Machine Fraud

Like many people, Staff Defence Ltd has long been aware of the problems that you can face, simply when going to your local ATM to withdraw your hard-earned cash.  We have recorded below a typical Cash Machine (ATM) occurrence that has been plaguing the world for a long time and one we must all guard ourselves against.

“Whilst sitting in the café, my friend went off to get some cash from the machine around the corner. After a few minutes, he returned saying that the machine didn’t give him his money, but just returned his card, without a message to say that the cash was not being dispensed. Quickly making our way back to the same cash machine, we found people happily withdrawing their well-earned cash from their accounts. It was clear that my friend had become another victim of the ATM scammers.”

You are probably asking what can be done to protect oneself against this type of scam. Staff Defence can talk you through the initial steps you can take by alerting you to the most popular tactics used by ATM scammers and to make you more aware of the situation.

Scammers’ Tactics

There are a number of ways fraudsters can use a cash machine to steal your card or banking details, as shown below:

    1. False Machine Fronts: A complete false cover placed over the original machine, put in place to trap your money.


    1. Pin-Hole Cameras: These are positioned above or to the side of the key pad to record your pin number.


    1. Card Skimmers: Reads your card details on the magnetic strip, so that the criminals can access your bank account.


    1. Fake Key Pads: Using thermal imagery, the fraudster can read your pin number.


    1. The Distraction: A person creates a distraction to draw away your attention, which is when your card is swapped.


  1. Lebanese Loops: A strip of plastic or metal that traps your card inside the machine, ready to be retrieved by the fraudster, after you walk away.

Staff Defence advocates your safety above everything else, so will always advise you NOT to use any machines, where a group can be seen hanging around and do not approach anyone you think has been acting suspiciously. Clearly, the best Cash Machines (ATM’s) to use are the ones inside a bank.

Of course, there is much more that we can teach you, so we strongly advise you to take the time to review our course outlines to determine which course is best suited to meet your needs and to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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