On 6th August 2019, under UK Politics on the BBC News website, an article was published, reporting how “strong leadership” from the UK is needed to safeguard aid and healthcare workers from the growing incidence of violence against them. The statistics from the Aid Worker Security Database cite 221 separate incidents of violence against aid workers in 2018, which resulted in 126 deaths and 143 injuries, all of which highlights how aid and healthcare missions are at risk.

The trend detailed above is echoed by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition, which is an international group of non-governmental organizations, formed to protect aid workers, services and infrastructure. Their figures include 973 recorded attacks on healthcare personnel and facilities, together with 710 injuries and 167 fatalities.

These statistics are prompting an imperative response from the UK Government, because nobody wants to see a decline in the provision of humanitarian aid and healthcare in countries, where such help is so necessary.

However, from the Staff Defence perspective, we strongly assert that our Travel Safe courses, in particular the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course is invaluable in helping aid and healthcare workers in keeping themselves safe and secure in challenging situations. Our training venue at Pippingford Park in East Sussex has been designed to mimic a developing world environment, together with our real world, role-play scenarios. Many previous Delegates have told us how authentic the HEAT course is, in particular, and how it prepared them so well in their travels to inhospitable regions.

Most importantly, we utilise Instructors who have a background in serving in third world countries, so they have “hands-on” experience of life in hostile and challenging environments, often faced in developing world countries.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that employers, who have a duty of care to their employees, contact us to arrange for their employees to attend our HEAT course and allow them to benefit from our knowledge, experience and training expertise. If doing this one simple act goes toward saving just one life, surely it is worth it?

“For more information about any of Staff Defence courses, please contact us by telephone or email, as follows:-

T: 0203 997 7900


Frequently Asked Questions

“Our travel safety and HEAT instructors come from a background in the Royal Marines Commando and the British Army and have been specifically picked for their skills in their fields of excellence from years of experience of Operating and Living in hostile environment.”

“Our Trainers must all have, as a minimum, an accredited award in education and training, first aid at work or higher, and conflict management. They are also all DBS checked, with full insurance cover for their specific disciplines.”

“Contact us now, so that our Instructors can teach you how to stay safe.”

Our courses are held at our training venue in Onley, near Rugby in the East Midlands, where we can comfortably seat up to 30 Delegates per course.

Additionally, we have a training location in the USA.

However, depending on the type of course selected, we are very flexible and our Instructors can travel to a client’s venue, if that is more convenient for you. The only exception is our H.E.A.T. (Hostile Environments Awareness Training) Course, which must be conducted at our training venue, due to the course content and requirements.

Yes, we absolutely can! Before we deliver the course, we always discuss your specific requirements with you, ensure they are embedded into the course, and receive prior written confirmation that you are completely happy with the content of the course.

Prices vary depending on the course you are attending and any specific requirements that you may have. What you need to know is that our prices are some of the best you can find, which is why we encourage you to contact us to receive a full and competitive Quotation.

Yes. Each Instructor is fully DBS checked and possesses a current First Aid Certificate, together with full insurance within the disciplines they teach.

Yes, absolutely. Our Conflict Management courses are perfect for lone workers, since they teach priceless conflict management skills, together with the physical skills necessary to quickly de-escalate a conflict, and the best way to reach a safe area.