London Kidnapping in 2017

Staff Defence reviewed a terrifying report in 2017 of the kidnapping of a young man in London, who was kept captive for 50 hours. The kidnapping took place in the middle of the day, possibly triggered by the fact that the young man chose to wear his £9,000 Rolex watch in the daylight hours. He was spotted by a gang of men, who were armed with knives and pistols, when they kidnapped him. Shortly after, they stripped him naked, beat him, coerced him into giving his parents’ address and keys of their home, whereupon they raided it. The gang also took the young man to a cash point, where they forcibly demanded the withdrawal of a large sum of money. Fearing they would get caught on CCTV, the gang stayed in their car and allowed the young man to approach the cash point on his own. It was at this point that the man seized the opportunity, bolted and found his way to a police station.

london kidnapping in 2017

It is worth noting that although the attack reported here is considered to be rare, it is true that with the advent and proliferation of social media, there are an increasing number of threats to people and their families, especially anyone with a prominent public profile.

At Staff Defence, we have designed training courses, which are devised to deal with exactly this type of situation. Our Instructors are highly experienced and can provide you with a suitable course, which can empower and enhance you with the confidence needed to get through similar, extreme episodes.

We always encourage you to apply the principles of personal security and to know how to avoid such situations. The following precepts form a good starting point in learning how to keep yourself safe:-

    1. Endeavour to become situationally aware, when you are out and about. Try to give the appearance of being confident, but not arrogant, always maintaining an air of poise.


    1. Apply the principle of avoidance, such as, the prevention of establishing routines to what may be your daily activity. Additionally, you can avoid trouble by anticipating what may occur, when out and about.


    1. Do incorporate the advice from security and law enforcement professionals, such as, the following:
        1. Do not take a short cut especially at night.

        1. Do not use the mobile phone when walking and avoid listening to music, when walking the streets.

        1. Never leave a night club or social event alone, especially if you have been drinking.

        1. Do not place items of value in your back pocket.


    1. Evaluate your options along your journey, always using the “what if” principle!


    1. Reduce your profile by not wearing an expensive piece of jewellery and not carrying items that can clearly be seen as having a value to them, which can automatically draw the attention of potential thieves.


We strongly recommend that the principles above should be applied by everyone to help you maintain your own personal safety at all times. However, there is much more knowledge and skills to be learned that are contained in our courses, all of which have been proven to empower you and to help you deal with a whole range of situations.

Why not take a look at our courses and book a place, so you can feel confident in whatever situation arises, as below:-

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