In society today, there is the necessity to send civilian and military personnel, working as contractors,  to support the military in hostile environments. In doing so, it has become apparent that the safety of such contractors is becoming increasingly more worrying. Indeed, there is very little research on the health and well-being outcomes of contractors, when they are deployed to hostile and challenging environments. For example, in 2010, (*1) T. Christian Miller became one of the first investigative journalists to expose the fact that contractor deaths in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan have eclipsed those among military personnel.

However, (*2) Nick Wakeman highlights the danger of terrorism and insists that contractors require more information on terrorist threats. He cites the example of an attack in January 2020 on a US Facility in Kenya, where three people were left dead, two of whom were defence contractors. Another missile attack on US bases in Iraq took place, but, on this occasion, there were no injuries reported and only light damage. What these attacks demonstrate is the growing threats around the world, faced by government civilian personnel and contractors.

Indeed, the seriousness of the recent and on-going loss of life for contractors, working overseas in support of military operations, requires firm, constructive action. Undoubtedly, the employers of such personnel have a duty of care towards their employees to ensure that they are kept as safe as possible and fully prepared for each deployment. In furtherance of positive action, Staff Defence has developed a Travel Safety CONDO (Contractor ON Deployed Operations) training course, which is compliant with DEFSTAN 05-129 & DEFCON 697. Our CONDO course is designed to fully inform each Delegate about life on deployment and to provide more in-depth knowledge about the military, all completed in preparation for the trip to a hostile environment.

Additionally, as previously mentioned regarding minimal research on contractors, a research paper in 2016, conducted by (*3) N.T. Fear et al on the health of UK civilians, deployed to support the military in Iraq, has been found to focus on mental health outcomes, another understated health issue among contractors. They state:

“Private contractors, deployed to support military forces, have been shown to have similar, if not worse, mental health outcomes than military personnel, experiencing higher rates of depression, PTSD and alcohol misuse.”


Therefore, our Travel Safety CONDO course will address your concerns about planning ahead for your trip, perfect your environmental awareness, and  how to manage emergency first aid situations. This course will give you confidence and will show you how to problem-solve in challenging settings anywhere in the world. The Staff Defence Travel Safety CONDO course will give you the assurance you need by preparing you before your deployment, so that you feel empowered to face whatever situation you may be confronted with. Our course Instructors have been specially selected by us, based on their having worked either in the military or in emergency services, giving them the experience of facing very stressful scenarios. Such situations could be related to a terrorist incursion, an explosion or an arson attack – all of these traumas can result in not only injury, but also may leave the contractor to suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Since we have been very visible by mentioning the real-life facts regarding what can happen to contractors, when they are deployed on operations overseas, we suggest you take a look at our Travel Safe CONDO training course, as detailed below:-


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(*2) Nick Wakeman (2020) Washington Times

(*3) Nicola T. Fear, Daniel Meek, Paul Cawkill, Norman Jones, Neil Greenberg, & Simon Wessely (2017) European Journal of Public Health