ertretert34-216x324 IS TRAVEL A HIGH RISK IN 2020? - Since the lockdown restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic has been relaxed for many of us, more people are starting to consider vacations overseas. Additionally, we mustn’t forget that there are many people, whose work means that they have to travel abroad on business. This raises the question of what risks do we face by […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 THE NEW MEANING OF PERSONAL SAFETY - We live in a world today that is becoming less peaceful and more dangerous than ever before, especially with the global prevalence of highly-infectious diseases, such as, COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. As early as 2006, the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) (*1) conducted a workshop that discussed the potential effects on the emergence and […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 The Future of First Aid Training at Work - Many of us may already be aware that our pharmacies (*1) are often the first point of call for people, who have suffered a minor injury, usually at home, but sometimes at work. In fact, pharmacies are being identified as a contact point for the community in many matters of health, including first aid and, […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 HOW IMPORTANT IS CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AT WORK - Conflict at work is more commonplace than we might imagine, which arguably makes it an important topic for consideration. For example, Beqiri (*1) highlights that in the United States, 85% of employees experience conflict in some way. This fact indicates a high level of discord present within the workplace today, which requires us to explore […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY BENEFITS OF COMPLETING FIRST AID AT WORK TRAINING - There are numerous benefits in acquiring the First Aid at Work certificate, not just for the attendees, but also benefits that affect their family, friends, strangers and employers. Helen Lingard (*1) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) conducted a 24-week experiment upon a small group of construction industry employees. This study demonstrated very […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK – WHAT’S HAPPENED TO HEART ATTACKS? - The New York Times (*1) wrote an interesting article, which poses the question: “Where have all  the heart attacks gone?” This column discusses the fact that since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been between 40% – 60% reduction in admission for heart attacks, as reported in a survey in the USA. Mention is made of […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 BASIC LIFE SUPPORT AND SAFE USE OF AN AED - Have you ever found yourself quietly waiting for a train at your local station, when suddenly a person close-by collapses? What do you do? You have to do something – right? Yes. The recommended reaction is that you call 999 and alert the train station staff, because they will probably have trained First Responders, who […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 TRAINING AFTER COVID-19 – WHAT’S NEXT? - The COVID-19 pandemic has created the largest shift in the world-wide economy and its effects on businesses may well persist for many years to come. Mindful of this, McKinsey & Company (*1) speaks about the necessity for companies today to start reskilling their workforce, following the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Already in 2017, the […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 LATEST POST-COVID 19 TRAVEL TRENDS IN 2020 - 2020 has proved to be a very difficult and unprecedented time for everyone on a universal scale, since the presence of COVID-19, the Coronavirus. As a global pandemic, its impact has been devastating to not only the health and well-being of the world’s citizens, but also devastating to world trade and disruptive to the global […] Read More
ertretert34-216x324 REMEMBER THE H.E.A.T. REFRESHER COURSE - There are many employees, who have to visit and work in hostile environments, often in developing countries, as part of their employ. Their visits could be connected to humanitarian work, human rights’ law, consultancy assignments, Ministry of Defence procurement, Embassy & Diplomatic work, mining & oil engineers, journalism/media and so the list continues. Certainly, from […] Read More