1st Line Packing Of Your Equipment


Before commencing your travels, you need to consider how you will manage your finances from the start of your journey to the end. We recommend you apply the following advice on your travels:-

  • It is best to change up your money before travel. Avoid changing currency at the arrivals airport, as you leave yourself open to being scammed. It is not uncommon for a teller to slip forged bank notes into your exchanged currency.
  • Make sure that your money has no rips or is defaced in any way. In the majority of countries, damaged or defaced notes will be refused, so  you’re left with worthless paper!
  • Carry a cheap wallet or a money belt with enough cash to get you through the day and to your accommodation. Ensure you include the traveller’s credit card. If you are threatened, then hand over this wallet.
  • A hidden stash of cash may be appropriate to hide on your person in some situations. Do remember these thieves are not stupid and are aware of this trick.