3rd Line Packing Of Your Equipment

Long-term Luxuries

Third Line includes your long-term luxuries, such as, all of your clothing and equipment to go in your main bag or suitcase. When flying, do not place valuables, such as, laptops in your main bag.

Your main holdall or suitcase should be sturdy and with wheels for ease of manoeuvring. This case should also contain copies of travel documents and back-up information.

Contents will totally depend on you and the location you are to visit. There is a difference between working at a refugee camp post-earthquake, at a developed country’s political or at a business conference. This means you need to pack according to your destination.

Consider how to prevent your luggage being tampered with by corrupt baggage handlers or drug-traffickers, attempting to use your bags to move drugs around. The best method of prevention is to padlock your bags with a quality TSA approved combination-type lock.