Have a Plan for Arriving in Country

vulnerable point in international travel is arrival

One of the most vulnerable points in international travel is arrival at a foreign airport and the subsequent movement to your next destination. Criminals are known to frequent the arrivals as they know you are vulnerable at this stage. When you arrive in country make sure you have a plan:

  • The meeting/collection at airport or point of entry.
  • Check communications with home and your contact if you have not linked up.
  • Has the situation changed? Do you need to update any plans? Have the conditions or threats changed?
  • When meeting your contacts, don’t let them display your name. If you do not know then personal then think of a different way for them to show themselves to you, such as a coloured shape etc.

If your contact fails to show then consider the following:

  • Call the hotel and ask them for assistance.
  • Find an airport official or police officer and ask them for advice. Only ask the information desk if this is your last resort as they will more than likely try to sell you an overpriced transportation option.