The 3-Line Packing System For Your Equipment

How the System Works

When travelling alone overseas either for pleasure or business, keeping your equipment close at hand is essential. Lessons learnt through hard practice have come up with the 3-line equipment packing system. This system will always come down to the individual’s requirements and the type of travel you are undertaking.

First Line: These are items that are required for immediate use and you keep them on your person

  • ID and Passes.
    • Passport and travel documentation, copy of medical insurance, driving licence (if appropriate).
    • Address of where you are staying. Keep separate from any room or house keys.
  • Communication.
    • Mobile phone – Carry a cheap, throw-away, top-up phone rather than a flashy smart phone, but make sure you can call international numbers. Buy international sim cards ahead of your trip.
    • Satellite Phone – For remote journeys, you may look at renting a hand-held, satellite phone, but keep it hidden as this phone is an attractive item to steal.
  • Finances.
    • Consider a traveller’s pre-loaded credit card, as this avoids carrying a large cash/card-laden wallet and could reduce exchange rate charges.