Personal Safety Training Courses

"Empowering your people through real world training"

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A range of unique courses to keep you safe and secure

When you’re looking for personal safety training courses, you want to be sure that the training you get is going to serve you well in the moment that you need it. Our trainers are especially selected for their expertise in their fields and have many years of experience in training and teaching self defence.

We have spent many years moving away from teaching traditional martial arts ‘Self Defence’ techniques in our courses. These techniques are overly complicated, require many hours of repetition and even when someone is proficient in them, it is extremely difficult to make them work in a non-compliant situation.

The Staff Defence Personal Safety Model is registered on the Trade Marks Registry under registration No. UK00003271833.

What you will learn

The training you will receive does not require a high level of fitness or strength, or any prior experience. It focuses purely on the practical aspects of body mechanics, maximising the effects of using your natural strengths against an adversary’s weaknesses, with quick simple techniques that creates distractions and an escape for you. After taking these courses, people have told us that they feel empowered and more self-confident.

  • Awareness of the laws relating to self defence
  • The assault cycle, triggers & de-escalations.
  • How to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Rapid escape self defence techniques

Personal Safety Foundation Level™

Level: Foundation

Duration: 6 Hours

Our personal safety foundation level™course has been specifically designed to enable you to identify potential dangers, avoid those dangers, or, if that is not possible, to de-escalate conflicts, allowing you to remove yourself to a safe area as fast as possible. The course is split between the foundation level and the intermediate levels to allow the core skills to be hard wired.

Conflict Management – Level 2

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 Day

The Staff Defence Conflict Management Level 2 Award (RQF) Course is ideal for everyone, who works in a customer-facing role, dealing with service users and members of the public, so that once trained, any person can confidently manage a conflict situation, as and when it arises. This course can prepare each member of staff with a better understanding of how to prevent conflict situations from arising and how to manage these situations in a calm and professional manner.