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What you will learn

At Staff Defence, we are well aware of the necessity of preparing teachers who are acting as chaperones to students as they travel overseas, sometimes in challenging environments, which can produce intense feelings of fear and uncertainty, particularly when travelling in remote areas. This is why we firmly believe that being properly trained in the different skills and with the crucial knowledge you need to retain before you visit such regions is essential.

We assess your needs to tailor each course to meet your specific requirements. Why not call or email us to book a place on the course, as spaces are limited?

Travel Safe HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) Course

Level: Residential

Duration: 4 day

This course is based on Instructor-led and Immersive (Role-Play Scenarios) Training Combined Theory and Practical

Travel Safety Plus

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 1 day

The travel safe awareness course prepares you for travelling to areas that require you to hold business meetings and social activities.

Personal Safety Foundation Level

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 1 day

This Module is based on Principles of Chinese Medicine to use body’s own natural mechanics to generate power Instructor-led sessions, combined with practice of techniques

First Aid At Work (Highfields)

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 3 day

Comprehensive First Aid Course to certify First Aiders at work (Office & Field-based Staff). Deals with wide range of First Aid scenarios Theory & Practical Instruction

Female Travel Safe Awareness

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 2 day

Course Designed to Empower Females to Travel Safely Anywhere Instructor-Led Presentations & Real-Life Role-Play scenarios