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If you are traveling alone frequently or are considering doing so for the first time, whether it is for business or pleasure, our range of travel safety awareness courses is intended specifically for you.We know from years of experience that being on your own in an unknown place presents with its different challenges. This is exactly why we have designed our courses, based on real world experience, seen through the eyes of our seasoned instructors, so that they can give you the precise knowledge and skills to make your journey as safe as it can possibly be.

What you will learn

All our Travel Safety Courses will help you to easily identify potential dangers, how to avoid them, and how to remove yourself to a safe area as expediently as possible. After taking our Courses, the Delegates have told us how much more empowered and self-confident they feel travelling. especially when are on their own.

  • Remain Safe During Your Travels
  • Become Situationally Aware of Hostile Acts
  • Ensure a Safe Hotel Stay
  • Understand Dangers of Public & Personal Transport

If you refer to the Useful Links below, you will see each Course Outline, starting with a basic e-Learning Course, which can be studied at home, while our Course are designed to meet the specific requirements of different client groups over specified durations.

At Staff Defence, we remain visible and transparent regarding the fees of each Training Course, so that you know from the outset how much our Courses cost. Our Level 3 HEAT Course is a residential course, which includes day time refreshments and food in its price.The hotel that we recommend is close to our fully-equipped training venue and we even arrange transport to and from the hotel to the training venue for our Delegates. whichever Course you select, we are confident that you will be pleased you that you made decision to train with us at Staff Defence.

Do feel welcome to take a look at the background instructors (Link to Instructors’ Bios) before emailing or calling us, which is when we can discuss the courses in more detail to ensure we find the right one for you and/or for your company.

Travel Safe E-learning

Level: Online

Duration: 1 hour

Our travel safe e-learning course will prepare the individual for travelling to locations around the world with good medical medical facilities and a low to moderate crime rate . The course focuses on the current risks and threats the traveller may face, providing the necessary skills and principles required to stay safe. The course is geared to the lone and business personnel traveller.

Travel Safety Plus

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 1 day

The travel safe awareness course prepares you for travelling to areas that require you to hold business meetings and social activities.

Female Travel Safe Awareness

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 2 days

Course Designed to Empower Females to Travel Safely Anywhere Instructor-Led Presentations & Real-Life Role-Play scenarios


Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 2 days

Intended for Contractors Deployed Overseas to support UK Military Teaches Cultural & Regional Awareness Better Understanding of Military and Life on Deployment

CONDO Refresher

Level: Residential or Onsite

Duration: 1 day

Intended for Contractors Deployed Overseas to support UK Military Updated Understanding of Cultural, Regional and Military Areas on Deployment

Hostile Environment Awareness Training – HEAT

Level: Residential

Duration: 3 day

This course is based on Pre-course e-Learning, Instructor-led and Immersive (Role-Play Scenarios) Training Combined Theory and Practical

Hostile Environment Awareness Refresher Trg

Level: Residential

Duration: 1 day

Refreshes Skills Learnt During Initial HEAT Training Course
Updates Students on new challenges to be faced in hostile and/or sensitive environments